A very special car built partly on Traction Avant parts.

In post war Finland there was a great shortage of all types of drivable cars.
Importing new cars was extremely difficult, cars from the 30´s did their service
in the war and because of that they were mostly in pretty bad shape.
It was especially difficult to find a suitable van for the needs of small firms.
This is why Ilves (=Lynx) was designed and manufactured.

Ilves was designed by Mr. Paavo Lammer. Bodywork was done by Mr. Olavi Rannikko, paintwork by Mr. Kauko Vainikainen and upholstery by Mr. Erkki Nummela.
They all worked at that time for Autokoritehdas  K.Nummela Co. in Turku (Åbo) Finland. 
This firm was founded by Kustaa Nummela in 1937. This company was run by Mr. Juha Nummela and Mr. Olli Nummela. Their grandfather founded Autokoritehdas  K.Nummela Co.
"Ilves" was ordered by Mr. Pentti Aaltio, who owned an auto and spare part dealership in Turku. The company was called "Auran Auto Co".
In the 60´s they sold BMW, MAN and Tempo cars, trucks and vans.
Ilves is based on Citroen Traction Avant technics. The engine (engine no. AD-08290), radiator, 
steering and linkage, front axle, pedals and transmission were manufactured by Citroen.
Also front fender (15cv) and hood are based on Citroen parts. The rear axle (Kone ja Sähkö Co) 
and rear suspension (Vihersaaren Jousipaja Co.)  were locally made.  Ilves was completed in 1952.
It took very long time to build the first Ilves and 
the costs were high, so only one car was manufactured. Later in the 50´s it became easier to import cars to Finland. 
Ilves was in daily use untill 1965.

Ilves today
This only remaining Ilves was donated to Turun Seudun Mobilistit (Antique Car Club of Turku area) by TUMO Ltd. 
This company is run by Mr. Juha Nummela and Mr. Olli Nummela.
Their grandfather founded Nummelan Autokori Co. 

The aim is to restore this unic car within a few  years. If you have any questions about Ilves or our club please feel free to ask.
Address to the club:
Turun Seudun Mobilistit ry
Hitsarinkatu 5
Mail address for the club:
Juha Kaitanen

This information was put together and brought to you by:
Peter Larson CTA Import & Service.


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