Citroen ID19 P Normale 
This car is by name a ID19 but in fact its a cheap version of a DS19.
Although there are quite a lot of differences between an ID and a DS !
This model was introduced in Sweden 1966 when the new DS19 and DS21 came on the market.
The ID19 was availabel in two versions - ID19 Confort and ID19 Super Confort,

The Super Confort is a more luxerious car.
Both models have the same engine as the old DS19,
a 1911cc engine - 80 bhp SAE.
Cylinderhead, carburettor, powersteering and exhaust manifold is the same as on DS19.
This particular car is equipped with a
Solex  32 SDID-2 twin barrel carburettor. It is according to the chassi
number plate a "ID19P" and on the registration papers it was called "Normale"

ID19 1966.  cta digital photo

This ID19 was owned by a friend of mine and the car was in original condition.
It had only done 100 000 km and was in pretty good shape.
The interior is in red leather imitation and is not of the really
comfortabel type as the DS19 usually are.

ID19-66 interior.  cta digital photo

The 1966 ID19 has got the old engine (DS19) and the
fully syncronized 4-speed ID19 gearbox.
It also have the old type front discbreakes but the new type of frontaxel,
driveshafts and wheels.

ID19 66 front.  cta digital photo.
In 1998 we made a journey to Belgium to visit the 11: ICCCR in Chevetogne.
10 years later we made a new trip to Italy to visit the 14: ICCCR but this time in a 1951 Traction Avant.

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