Citroen Traction Avant 7A from 1934 ?
These are pictures of a 7A Traction found in Sweden.
There are sertain rumors saying that this is a very early prototype model possibly from 1933.
After extensive investigations and discussions I dont belive it is a prototype.
I am rather convinced that it is a 7A from 1934 that has been altered 
in many ways a long time ago.
This car has got some unusual features that cant be found on a standard factory made car.
Not very much is known about this very early Traction Avant.
It has been used in the very north of Sweden and probably in Norway to.
Engine is not original & the front drivetrain & steering is not of the type 
you would find on such an early traction.
The serial number is not on the car anylonger but the bodynumber however is still left.
On this first picture you can see two ventilation shutters beneith the windscreen.
The two ventilation shutters on the hood opens in the rear. 
Note the simili roof.
The windscreen frame is fixed to the body with a number of 
small screws & cant be opened at all.

As you can see it has got no boot door , just a big opening.
There are a lot of small holes around the opening. 
Some kind of boot door construction has been fitted at some time
but now its gone and one can only speculate what it looked like.
Note the petrol filler cap inside the boot,down to the left.

This car has got the earliest type of rear axle and you can see the 
unusual construction under the backseat.
Telescopic shockabsorbers has been installed but they are not of the normal traction type.

Here you can se that the car has got the new type of 
drivetrain and steering type "cremaillere".
Note the special arrangements for fitting the rack and pinion steering that was not original to this car.
A universal joint has been used to couple the shaft with the rack.
The suspension is of the later type and the wing supports are also of the later type.

The dashboard has got the design of 1934 with instrument 
in the center and two glovecompartments.
Note the light switch in center of steeringwheel.
Note also the very special insides of the doors.
(I havent seen anything like this before.)

Here you can see more details of the interior.
The seats are not from the early years.

This Citroen is still a mystery and its very hard to find out more details about it.
Further investigations in the future will eventually reveal more details.

2010-07. Enlargments of photos has been added, click on pictures to view.
Later info claims this car could have been transformed into a delivery van in Norway 
as that was one way for private persons to be able to own a car in the post war 
times of car shortages in Norway.